Fluff Stack Souffles Pancake Singapore Review

“Lightest and Fluffiest Stacks”. A bold claim by the newly opened Fluff Stack, at Suntec City Singapore. Fluff Stack is a modern cafe that specialise in something that is not so common to Asians, Souffles. We here at Brutal Asians went ahead to review Fluff Stacks Souffles Pancake Singapore.

For the uninitiated, Souffles are desserts that are originally created by the french, using primarily eggs and flour, to create fluffy, soft, bouncy cake-like dish, and they are supposed to look like this:

Instead, Fluff Stack went for the Japanese version of the Souffles, which are Souffles Pancakes

First and foremost, Fluff Stack’s Souffles Pancake are beautifully presented, we ordered the Classic & the Chocolate Hazelnut variant and it captivated us. Then came the taste test. Both variants of Souffles Pancake use the same base, and they are very soft, almost similar to a chiffon cake in terms of texture & softness. It also has an eggy aftertaste to it, that’s where their assorted flavours come in.


The Classic Flavour comes with Maple Syrup, Butter & Cream and they all worked beautifully together. The maple syrup gives a sweet taste while removing the eggy taste from the Souffles Pancake and the salted butter floats above with it’s savouriness. At $8.90SGD, this is quite a steal, i’ll give this a BRUTAL APPROVED.

Chocolate Hazelnut

Now comes the Chocolate Hazelnut, with our expectation of the Classic being that good, we wanted this $12.90 dish to blow us away, and it… didn’t. The base souffles are the same, which is alright, but the Chocolate hazelnut actually made it taste worse than it is. The dish is as balanced as our work life balance, with the chocolate overpowering the pancake and the whole dish taste like a mess. Quite a disappointing experience. I’d give this a BRUTAL DISAPPROVE.

So for you guys who want to try out Fluff Stack Souffles Pancake Singapore, stick to the Classic, it’s cheaper and tastes better, maybe get a coffee to go while you are at it. Or, if you are into something Vegan, check out our Vegan Bubble Tea Review.

Wee Wei Song

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