White Rabbit Candy Milk Drink – Brutal Asians Try

Yesterday our team at Brutal Asians was at 7-Eleven getting some snacks, and something familiar caught our eye! Oof, the sight hit us right in the childhood. White Rabbit Candy Milk Drink.

In case you’re new to Asian culture or simply a suaku (frog-in-a-well), White Rabbit Creamy Candy is the iconic and de-facto milk taffy many locals and Chinese nationals can remember happily scoffing down as kids.

The most memorable thing about this milky nougat? The first-time unwrapping reveals a second translucent layer, which is very hard to peel off. You might recall a failed attempt to remove this layer before a parent/cousin/relative took pity on your tiny baby brain and told you to just eat it. The edible rice paper wrapper, that is.

Sentimental segue aside, we wondered what it would be like to drink the candy from our childhood? Questions plagued our mind – what would it be like? How would it taste exactly? Good, or even better? Mind-blowing? Will it take us back in time, to our fondest and happiest memories?

Dramatic re-enactment of the anticipation in our head

Upon first sip – everything went downhill from there. We were VERY triggered that the milk did not taste like its candy counterpart at all! Warm nostalgia melted away into emotional distress for one of us in particular – soooooooo many extra calories and unwarranted sugars for a flat beverage. Verdict? Meh.

High expectations aside, White Rabbit Candy Milk Drink is decent if you like sweet milks with caramel-ly, toffee-like twist. The taste actually reminds us of Wang Zai Nu Nai!

Wang Zai Nu Nai (or Want Want Hot Kid Milk) is a Taiwanese competitor

of Big White Rabbit that also carries its own brand milk candy and milk-based snacks.

If you’re a fan of the original Big White Rabbit Milk Candy, you might be better off buying the originaltaffies that are still widely available at supermarkets and mama shops. The milk tastes like……a packet of CHILDHOOD DISAPPOINT.

For the price, you may as well get the packet of candy ($1.90) since the milk packet ($2) costs about the same. For curious cats, go ahead and give it a shot for nostalgia but don’t get your hopes too high!

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