Asian Food Market (Ningxia Night Market Singapore) at Sentosa Review

Is the Asian Night Market at Sentosa (Ningxia Night Market) Singapore worth a visit?

Asian Night Market Sentosa

With a round trip to Taiwan costing the same as buying three dishes at Ningxia Night Market Singapore, should you still make your way down to Sentosa, or should you go online to book that one week holiday?

Ningxia Night Market at Sentosa is open from the 16th of January all the way to the 9th of February, but Brutal Asians thinks that the organisers should close early to cut their losses.

Read on to establish whether you are rich enough to actually attend the night market, food tips, and what to avoid when you are there, or you can watch our review too!

Food stores

It’s not clear as to whether the organisers of the Ningxia Night Market Singapore or Brutal Asians don’t know how to count, but they claimed that there are over 30 food stores available, we only managed to count 24, three of which were actually drink stores. This is a blatant lie to our faces.

Live Bands

With the Ningxia Night Market being completely outside, there was no ability to escape the rain on opening night. This meant that there was no live band. But don’t worry, they blast their speakers to try disorientate you, so much so that you would forget that it was raining. So don’t forget to bring an umbrella and wear thongs if you don’t want to end up soaked by the end of the night.


On to the most important part, the exclusive Taiwanese food.

It was hard to tell if the stores were actually Taiwanese as many didn’t have the store names printed on the front, but rather just what they were selling. Nevertheless, here is our top picks that you should try, and one you should defiantly avoid.

Top Pick.

Oyster Mee Sua – 12

Hard to describe but really, really good to eat. There is no fishy taste that most seafood dishes have and it doesn’t taste like msg. The sauce is flavourful and delicious. The only thing wrong with this dish is that the noodles may become mushy if you leave it sitting there for too long.

Beef noodles

Another authentic, highly rated option. The beef does not have the beefy taste most have, the hand-made noodles are tender, and the texture and firmness of the noodles is still there even after a long period of time as they doesn’t soak up soup.

To avoid.

Braised pork rice

Pretty much just rice with some ground up pork on the top, there was nothing appealing about it, nothing that you couldn’t make at home. And yet, they were charging $10 for it. $10 for congee is ridiculous, not to mention that they couldn’t even get the congee right.


So is the Ningxia Night Market worth a visit?

Probably not, unless you really are an extreme foodie, willing to pay or are looking for an overly expensive night out.

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