Vegan Bubble Tea? (Mong Cha Cha Review)

Who knew bubble tea can be ‘healthy’? Certainly not me. Introducing 梦茶茶, a Vegan Bubble Tea store located at Fortune Centre.

梦茶茶(Mong Cha Cha) is probably the first Vegan based Bubble (Boba?) Tea store in Singapore. They use organic plant based ingredients to make their Vegan Bubble Tea, which includes oat milk and soy milk instead of condense or fresh milk. This means that the taste will be drastically different from the other bubble tea stores. 

They have 4 signature drinks that are recommended, which you can see below, namely:
– Lemon Passion Boba Tea
– Earl Grey Black Sugar Boba Mylk Tea
– Oddly Hazy Mylk
– Strawberry Yuzu Tea

We tried 2 out of 4 of their signature drinks, namely Earl Grey Mylk Tea and Oddly Hazy Nut Mylk

Earl Grey Mylk Tea

It tastes almost exactly how you expect an Earl Grey Milk Tea would taste like. There are some hint of the vegan milk taste, but it is quickly covered up by the black sugar, so you will not find anything ‘odd’ or different about the drink. It is very much enjoyable and for $4.90, it is definitely worth it. 

This drink gets a Brutal Approve!

Oddly Hazy Nut Mylk Tea.

Don’t be deceived by the looks of the drinks, because it tastes like absolute shit. Well, we should have known better, the drink is called “Oddly Hazy”, and yes, it does taste odd, and we felt hazy about it. 

There is a slight hint of diluted hazelnut taste, which would have been better if the taste was stronger. There is also a chalky aftertaste, which we guess is where the “Hazy” part comes in? The chalkiness lingers in your mouth and is quite a turn off. We didn’t even want to finish the drink. 

The only thing that is commendable is the white pearl. Which was chewy and very enjoyable. 

For $5.90 this Vegan Bubble Tea drink is definitely not worth it. The drink might be organic and all but what’s the use if it tastes like shit?

Therefore, I will give this drink a Brutal Disapprove!

Overall, based on the 2 drinks, I would definitely not travel all the way to town just to grab Mong Cha Cha. It might be a good drink for those on a Vegan diet, but to those who wish to have a nice drink, you have a much better option out there, like Liho’s Collagen Drink


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