Pokemon Killer! (TemTem Game Review)

Step aside, Pokemon, there’s a new monster-capturing-beast-training-creature-enslaving RPG game out there! TemTem – A Pokemon Inspired game. TemTem is a purely community funded project by Crema that was has raised over $500,000 on kick-starter and recently, they just released the early access on Steam for the masses to try them out. We at Brutal Asians took this opportunity to review it and see if all these hype surrounding this game was justified.

Cuteness ensures in TemTem, a direct competition against Pokemon game

TemTem was a game that was inspired by Pokemon, the very successful and popular franchise by Nintendo. But since Pokemon was such a huge success, why would anyone take the risk and spend the time & money to create a game to compete against such a giant? Because Nintendo has gotten complacent, especially since the highly anticipated Pokemon Sword and Shield did not live up to the expectation.

TemTem was inspired by Pokemon, there are a lot of similarity in the way the game function, in fact, i’d say its almost a 90% copy of Pokemon; You have Creatures in the wild for you to tame(capture) with TemCard (Pokeball) and to level them up, creatures have type and weakness to consider and you can carry up to 6 TemTem at once. Even the main plot has the ‘To be the best trainer the world has ever seen’ trope. They even have a generically evil gang of people trying to do bad things, because reasons, and you have to stop them. Nothing about these scream originality. 

What make this different and, potentially (the game has not fully released) better, is that is an MMO-RPG

MMORPG, which allows interaction with other players

You can see the other players around you trying to be the best tamers as well. Though interaction with them right now are limited, they claim that you are able to team up with friends and do battles against other Tamers or Dojo’s Leaders in a 2v2 battle. Oh, did I mention that the battles are all 2v2?

Battles are 2v2, with a whole new Stamina Mechanics

Following the competitive format of Pokemon, TemTems battle are all 2v2, which kind of makes the game trickier and harder. Battle Mechanics are different in that all your TemTem has stamina bars, which makes your TemTem exhausted and they can’t use their abilities. This brings a whole new dimension to the game play. Story fights are as easy as the Pokemon game and it feels more punishing in TemTem, which to me, is a great challenge. 

Graphics wise, they are simple, yet beautiful. The art direction is gorgeous, yet it doesn’t not strain your hardware capabilities. Everything felt smooth and beautiful and you will not feel that this is still a Work In Progress game. 

Graphics are smooth and beautiful

What this game does great, and i have to give the creator props, is that it captures what is great about the early pokemon game that recently pokemon game failed to give, which is a sense of a new adventure, a sense of freshness and a sense of new world. The recent Pokemon game stopped giving me the feeling of a whole new world and everything felt forced, yet TemTem, despite all it’s current early access limitation, got me excited when i started playing it. I feel the same way i did when i first got my hand on the original Pokemon Red Version on Gameboy and it got me hooked on then. 


In anycase, TemTem is a breath of fresh air, interesting battle mechanics and beautiful looking world and graphics, but at its core, a (close) complete rip off of Pokemon. So basically Pokemon, but better and price wise, it’s not that expensive ($30 SGD). The full game will be released sometime in May 2020 and is available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS4 & Xbox One. You can get your hand on it now via Steam to play the early access. All-in-all, I give TemTem a BRUTAL APPROVE.

We’ll be taking a closer looking at the game again once it’s fully release, and by then, it might not be as great as we all thought it would be, until then, check out our other game reviews here: Death Stranding. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. 

Wee Wei Song

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