Best Steamboat broth for CNY Dinner

Hai Di Lao has become the go to brand nowadays for steamboat so we’re going to be comparing Hai Di Lao’s Steamboat broths with other brands to see if there is truth to their popularity for this CNY dinner.

We enlisted five of our colleagues to help use determine which Steamboat broths they thought were better. Watch the video below to see which brands, other than Hai Di Lao, you should try.

We tried 3 flavors to see if any of the other brands were able to compare with Hai Di Lao.

The first flavor tried was tomato.

We tested both Hai Di Lao’s and Jiu Yan Qiao’s base broths. Jiu Yan Qiao was no match for Hai Di Lao, as no one picked Jiu Yan Qiao’s broth base.

This was because, Hai Di Lao had a better flavor to the Steamboat broth. Although not tasting like fresh tomatoes, it had a stronger tomato taste and was more flavorful.

The next flavor we tried was the clear broth

Hai Di Lao and Swanson by Campbell were the next comparison. Although no on liked the clear flavour, Hai Di Lao still unanimously won. Unless you count Bernice rating zero stars for both.

It was described as ‘water and oil’, ‘soup from the sea’ and ‘water with a hint of salt’. With most participants opting to not buy either.

Lastly, Clear oil Steamboat broth

It was a comparison between Hai Di Lao and Deng Ni Lao.

Spicy and hot were words used to describe the broth’s taste with most convinced that it was Mala flavor.

Unfortunately, on average, none of the alternatives to Hi Di Lao were preferred.

So, Hi Di Lao is the way to go this Chinese New Year

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