3 Lucky Spring Cleaning tips this Chinese New Year

It’s that time of the year again where red decorations are hung everywhere, annoying Chinese New Year Music are played non-stop in shopping malls and Chinese New Year snacks and goodies are being sold at supermarkets.

But the most important preparation one needs to do for Chinese New Year is spring cleaning, to sweep away the old and the bad to usher in the new and good. We are going to tell you the 3 most important things to look out for during spring cleaning so you can also, usher in the good.

1)Choose a date to spring clean  

Pick a date that doesn’t clash with any of your family members in the Chinese Zodiac. 

By following the zodiac dates, it is believed that spring cleaning will send away bad luck and welcome new energy, you can find out more here

2) Places to sweep

Don’t know where to start cleaning? 

If you had a good year, start cleaning from the main entrance of your house and work inwards. 

Otherwise, if last year was a crappy year for you, you should start with the inner parts of your house and work your way all out to the main door. 

It is believed that by doing so it will remove negative energy and allow space for positive energy!

3) Lucky Colours

Trying to win Ang Pao money from your friends? Or do you need a lot of luck this year? 

Surround yourself with colours that are considered lucky to help you attract good luck!

For the list of lucky colours related to your zodiac refer to:

After know more abit spring cleaning, you might want to find out the best spring cleaning devices to make your life easier!


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