Ip man 4: The Finale review

“Ip Man 4: The Finale”. Is this really the last of Ip Man? Or just another marketing ploy to get us watching. How many times have we seen the “Epic Conclusion” word thrown around and few years down, another movie from the same franchise appears? All hopes were not lost as Ip Man 4 seems to be sticking true to their “Finale” statement and this might be the our final Ip Man Review.


After his son got into a fight in school and ultimately got expelled, Ip man discovered he is terminated with throat cancer due to smoking. Desperate to find another school for his son, Ip Man travels to San Francisco. However, things soon got out of hand and Ip Man finds himself facing against the US Marines, one of America’s elite forces!

This is surprisingly a heartwarming movie, where it shows the love of a parent towards their child no matter the situation. In this case, Ip Man struggles to find a future for his kid despite his throat cancer. 

The fights scenes are well choreographed and with amazing sound effects, it adds plenty of grits to these action scenes. However, the movie takes every opportunity to start a fight and most of the time, it doesn’t make sense. It’s like being back in high school all over again. These are just action set piece for the sake of it.

Additionally, Scott Adkins in particular, is a stand out in this movie. His portrayal of an elitist & racist character, who takes every opportunity to jab(heh) at Chinese martial arts. His presence on screen will bring your blood to a boil and have you rooting against him throughout the movie. Which makes the final fight so much more satisfying.


With that being said, Ip Man 4 has a lot of positives and plenty of enjoyable bits for a casual movie night. Good experience, atmosphere and plenty of heart at it’s core. Just don’t think too much going into it and you will have a good time. For this review, I will give Ip Man 4 a BRUTAL APPROVE

What do you think of Ip Man 4? Is the fourth movie really needed or should they end it at the first movie? Let us know in the comments section.

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