Best Kaya Toast in Singapore

How do you know that the Kaya toast you are eating is the best Kaya Toast in Singapore? Don’t waste your money anymore, Brutal Asians has done the hard work to ensure that you are actually buying the best Kaya Toast in Singapore.

3. Old Town


Don’t be deceived by the fancy restaurant setting and upper-class service. The Kaya toast here is disgusting. Unlike the other two cafes we tried, the kaya toast didn’t come in a set. The butter was cold and unevenly spread, and the toast was very DRY and although served on brown bread, I could still tell that the bread was BURNT.

Overall, the Kaya toast was so bad that I recommend that you STAY FAR, FAR AWAY from Old Town’s Kaya toast!

2. Toast Box

Toast Box’s Kaya Toast was leaps and bounds above that of Old Town’s revolting Kaya Toast.

The white bread was crispy on the surface but still soft on the inside. The amazing Kaya made up for the sub-standard presentation. However, they could have added a little bit more to make the layer even. It was also served with egg and a choice of drink which were perfect complements.

  1. The Best Kaya Toast in Singapore; Ya Kun Kaya Toast

A satisfactory atmosphere and presentation, but overall the best Kaya Toast you will find in Singapore. The bread was unusually thin but it allowed the bread to be really, really crispy.

The butter tasted incredible but was not evenly spread again. It also perfectly complemented the crispy bread. The additional items, like Toast Box included a choice of drink and egg.

The Kaya itself was delicious and sweet, making it the very best Kaya Toast that Singapore has to offer.

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  1. butter doesnt need to be evenly spread, some foods are better with unevenness like swirled ice cream imagine perfectly mixing the caramel swirl with the ice cream

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