LiHo’s Recherché Collagen Beauty Tea

What happens when LiHO and a skincare brand, Recherche, have a collaboration? YUP you guessed it, it’s a bubble tea that apparently makes your skin ‘better.’ Available from the 7th of November 2019, Liho Collagen Beauty Tea isn’t a drink you can get at any LiHO outlet, it is only available at nine outlets around Singapore! 

  • VivoCity
  • Star Vista
  • JEM
  • Funan Centre
  • Bugis Plus
  • One Raffles Place
  • Orchard Gateway
  • Suntec City Basement 1
  • Tanjong Pagar Centre

Will LiHO’s Recherché Collagen Beauty Tea supersede the iconic brown sugar pearl drink with milk? Will this drink live up to the hype? Let’s find out! 

Yeah, I know what you are thinking! Does it really help to minimise the appearance of your wrinkles? Or even help to improve your skin? Or is it just another marketing ploy to get fools like us to buy their drink? According to Recherche’s R&D, the Collagen Amino Acid are of molecular size, which makes it much easier to absorb into the skin.

Additionally, it also helps restore your body after a long day of school or work!


Honestly, Liho Collagen Beauty Tea is a very acquired taste. It has a slightly thicker consistency as compared to a usual drink, it somewhat has the same texture as Scott’s Emulsion Cod Liver Oil.
Moving on, the drink tastes a lot like lime juice mixed with Yakult! Yakult is one of the ingredients added to the drink to help you achieve a healthier digestive system. 


It costs $6.90, but is the price worth it? The answer is no, because we couldn’t see any visible differences that they claimed there would be. It states that it will ‘help reduce wrinkles’ but I personally don’t see any of my wrinkles being less visible. And to be honest, $6.90 for one cup is quite a rip-off. It’s almost twice the price of their usual flavours. Let’s also be honest. If collagen is something that you are looking for, Bubble Tea should be the last place to do so. LiHO’s Recherché Collagen Beauty Tea gets a BRUTAL DISAPPROVE!

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