A Guide to Food Delivery in Singapore

Hangry? And need a Food delivery service in Singapore. Are you at your widths end, unable to concentrate, carry a conversation or process information properly? The only thing you can think about is eating? Welcome to a Guide to Food Delivery in Singapore?

Don’t worry, this article will help you distinguish between the three most common food delivery services in Singapore to help ensure you always get what you are looking for.

Other than trying to find the best food review, the best food delivery service in Singapore comes down to a few defining factors;

  • The restaurant
  • The type of food
  • The hours
  • The surcharges
  • And the payment methods

Food panda

With a minimum order and delivery fee dependent on the restaurant, Food Panda is a food delivery service in Singapore that is highly reliant on those that it partners with. This means high variation between the costs of ordering from different restaurants.

It also has the shortest period of time that it offers its services. That is, it is only open from 9:30 am to 10:30pm, making it difficult if you would like to order food outside of those hours.

There is also limited food delivery services in Singapore which is based on the area you are ordering from.

However, it does provide the best range of payment options available including online (credit, debit and PayPal) as well as ‘Cash on Delivery’ which you pay when the food is delivered. However, the available payment methods are also subject to that of the particular restaurant you are ordering from.

Overall, Food Panda seems to be the least cohesive food delivery service in Singapore that we reviewed due to the high dependence on that of the restaurant.


Deliverroo is another food delivery service in Singapore which has minimum orders of $5 and delivery Fee up to $3 which is also dependent on the restaurant.

It also has limited food delivery services in Singapore but claims to be rapidly expanding.

Unlike Food Panda, Deliverroo has limited payment options as it will only accept card.

However, it claims to be open from ‘very early to very late,’ but with undefined open hours you will still have to check the app if you get hungry at unusual hours.

The site claims that it only has high-quality items and restaurants that you can order from, but this is subjective to personal taste.

The distinguishing factor is that Deliverroo has the ability to schedule food delivery services in Singapore.

Grab food

No minimum order and free delivery over $12. However, if your order falls under $12 then there is a surcharge of up to $5. So, you may need to order dessert if you want to avoid being charged for nothing.

Grab food is the same as Food Panda when it comes to the extensive array of payment methods which includeDebit / Credit Cards, GrabPay Credits, Cash (but under $50) and PayPal.

It also has food delivery services everywhere in Singapore, but this is also dependent on the restaurant.

Furthermore, it has the widest defined deliver times which range from 7am to 2am. And I don’t think anyone will be needing food delivery service in Singapore outside of those hours.

It is really up to personal preference and location in deciding which food delivery service in Singapore to use. But Grab Food seems to be the best option if you are ordering a meal for more than one person or want dessert, this is due to its payment methods, coverage of Singapore and extensive open hours.


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