Top 8 Christmas Gift ideas people won’t regift.

Christmas is fast approaching and most of you are too lazy to deal with the inconvenience that the holiday season entails. So, don’t cry yourself to sleep, we are here to help by eliminating the only important thing about Christmas; presents. Here are Top 8 Christmas Gift ideas people won’t re-gift.

Gone are the days that your white elephant gift exchange is embarrassingly chosen last or kept in storage until next year when they can pan your boring and pathetic Christmas gift onto the next unlucky person.

Whether it be your annoying siblings, irritating distant relatives or that random person at work that you don’t even know but unfortunately picked as your secret Santa, these Christmas gift ideas won’t be re-gifted.

So, pay attention, and read the Christmas gift ideas list below.

  1. Multi device charging organisation station

Singapore is known for its unbeatable public transport, but as a foreigner, there is nothing worse than not being able to drive everywhere. The only thing that trumps that is having to catch public transport when your phone is on 2%. So, don’t let your friends suffer, this is a great Christmas gift idea to ensure their phone is always charged and ready for them to zone out on that packed MRT home.

  • Diffuser

There is not much more to say, Singapore has disgusting weather with limited ventilation. Get a diffuser as a Christmas gift idea and ensure air flow distribution that provides aromatherapy and irradiates that sweat smell. Also, this can be a really cheap Christmas gift idea, if your stingy. 

  • Speaker

What’s more annoying than Christmas itself? Having to see distant relatives or that exiled relative that the family “doesn’t associate with”. Go ahead and use this Christmas gift idea for someone at the family gathering and blast that music so you don’t have to talk to anyone. You can even pretend that you are only “trying to see if the speaker works”, it might save you from relatives inquiring about your future that you have no idea about. X-mini has great speakers that are very affordable

  • Scratch map

There is no doubt that Singapore is one of the best located countries in the world. Subsequently, everyone has that friend that thinks that everyone actually cares about their travels or is physically unable to not update their social media whenever they leave the country. The perfect Christmas gift idea? A scratchable world map tracking all their travels so hopefully you don’t have to hear about it anymore.  

  • travel wallet

Following on from the Christmas gift idea above, why not help your most disorganised friend and ensure that they won’t lose their passport and get stuck in a foreign country.

  • Portable photo printer

Asians like to take photos, whether it be of food, awkward family photos or with friends. Give them the opportunity to be able to print them out instantly with a portable photo printer. But, you will have to distant yourself after you use this Christmas gift idea, so you don’t have the painful task of having to take all the photos in the future to “get the right angle.” 

  • collapsible water bottle

Hard to buy for? Everyone needs an additional water bottle. Everyone uses public transport here, so save them space in their full backpack and buy one that collapses. 

Image result for hydrapak collapsible water bottle
  • Insulated water bottle

Nothing worse than drinking lukewarm water of cold tea. Get them a present they will thank you for in years to come and can’t go wrong with.

Image result for insulated water bottle

These Christmas gift ideas are perfect for that person in the office you haven’t spoken to all year and don’t quite know their name or that last minute gift idea that you need as soon as possible. So, stop procrastinating and get organised for your sake as you just look crazy running around the shopping centre on Christmas Eve frantically trying to buy presents.


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