Frozen 2 Movie Review

Before we dive into Frozen 2 movie review, let’s take a look back at it’s predecessor. Released in 2013, Frozen was and is still very popular movie among audiences all around the globe. With earnings of $400.7 million in North America and $890 million worldwide, Frozen has made a nice chunk of $1,276,480,335 (and counting!). Of course, it’s not just about the money, these are some of the other notable achievements this movie has made:

  • The highest-grossing film in 2013 and 15th highest grossing film from release until today (Dec 2019)
  • TWO Oscars (or Academy Awards if you’re fancy) for “Best Animated Feature” and “Best Original Song”
  • A Golden Globe, a BAFTA, 76 awards and 57 nominations which we won’t be getting into for obvious reasons

With so many achievements will the second movie live up to its legacy? In this article, I will be reviewing Frozen 2 and of course, spoiler alert so don’t read on if you haven’t seen the movie! 


I seriously don’t understand why people say that this film is amazing. I’m going to be honest here, I am not a fan nor a hater, but this film has so many plot holes and left many questions unanswered! 


For someone that is not that observant, I could spot many loopholes. I’ll talk about the loopholes briefly here:

Firstly, if Elsa and Anna’s mother was Northuldrain, she would have had more knowledge about Elsa’s powers and taught Elsa how to channel her powers instead of letting her daughter be repressed and in pain, right? It completely nullifies the logic and string of events from the Frozen 1!

Second problem, Elsa in this movie was portrayed as someone that is very powerful. What I don’t really understand is why was Elsa facing so much trouble in the Enchanted Forest?

Third problem: In the movie, somehow Elsa manages to send a water memory right where Anna was from far away. How did she send it there? How did Elsa know where Anna was? Is it just me or is it straight up creepy? Or did Elsa put some kind of magic tracking device on Anna?

Final problem, it is said that the Enchanted Forest is very far away from Arendelle but when they are at the Enchanted Forest they could see Arendelle’s dam. How far can it be if it could be seen from Arendelle this whole time? Unless the whole Frozen universe exists on a flat earth where planets have no curvature (hello, fellow conspiracy theorists), it doesn’t make sense.

Sloppy Snowflake

Frozen 2 was trying to put in as many details as they could that they couldn’t finish the movie in time, so they just ended this movie with a sloppy anticlimactic ending. 

Frozen 2 has easily one of the most lackluster endings I have ever watched! Even Chicken Little has a better ending than this film. 

Can I also say that Frozen 2’s songs were also way better! The only song on par the songs from Frozen would have to be ‘Into The Unknown’ sung by Idina Menzel. The rest are basically trash! It’s so unnecessary and EXTRA. Also is it really needed to sing a song after every sentence? They should have just stopped at the first film. 

This movie gets a BRUTAL DISAPPROVE!

That ends our Frozen 2 movie review. If you much prefer video games, do make sure to check out our games review!


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