Toffee Nut Crunch Latte

Since we reviewed Starbucks’s Peppermint Mocha why not review the other Christmas themed drinks Starbucks has to offer? In this article, BRUTAL ASIANS will be reviewing Starbucks Toffee Nut Crunch Latte. Before we start, how many of you guys love toffee flavoured drinks? What exactly is toffee anyway? Is it a typo for Coffee? Ermmm no! Toffee is the  end product formed  by caramelising sugar along with butter, and in some occasions, flour. The mixture is heated until the mix becomes stiff and glossy. How stiff? Depends whether you like your coffee chewy or crunchy. In this case, our Starbucks toffee is the crunchy kind, which requires boiling up to 149 – 154 degree celsius until it reaches a ‘hard crack’. 

 First Impressions

Presentation: Toffee Nut Crunch Latte is topped with a bed of whipped cream, with generous toffee nut sprinkles. Sweet and simple!
I’m gonna be honest here, this drink isn’t for everyone. Mainly because the aftertaste of caffeine is a little overpowering! But for coffee lovers this really hits the spot! The strong buttery flavour of the toffee is blended with smooth espresso and milk makes the taste of the toffee super strong and delicious. Although the consistency of the coffee is a little thinner than I expected, there is a little nutty and graininess flavour that helps to balance the overall sweetness of it. If not, the sweet taste would have been super overpowering.


All in all, Toffee Nut Crunch Latte rates a little better than the Peppermint Mocha drink because of mainly a few reasons:

  1. Complex flavours, there is depth to the flavour of the drinks
  2. Presentation-wise, the staff was not stingy with the whipped cream and puts in effort towards making the drink. For example, the sprinkles and the amount of whipped cream they used helped play an important role in the overall presentation of the drink.

Overall, we give this drink a BRUTAL APPROVE


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