Red Velvet Coffee Bean Drink

It’s that time of the year again! Yup, it’s Christmas and many stalls all around the world are coming up with their own Christmas themed items. But today, BRUTAL ASIANS are going to focus on Coffee Bean’s Red Velvet ice blended drink. I’m sure many of you love Red Velvet just as much as the person beside you BUT have you ever wondered how the drink actually came about?? Let’s find out!

History of Red Velvet

Velvet cake has been around since the 18th century but it wasn’t always red

The word “velvet” was used to convey the soft and rich texture of the cake, thanks to  the use of cocoa. The cocoa softened the flour, making the texture of the cake much smoother.  That was how velvet cakes came about!
Now, I’m sure you are wondering how then did the red come about. 

1. Old recipe had ingredients that resulted in a chemical reaction between acidic buttermilk, vinegar and raw cocoa powder. Additionally, it was made with molasses (otherwise known as red sugar and now known as brown sugar today).

2. Beetroot was used as a replacement ingredient to enhance colour and moisture during food shortage in world war II

3. Texas man saw the red cake as an opportunity and a marketing ploy was utilised. A recipe containing much more red colouring was given out to boost sales of the red food dye

At a Glance

For the presentation wise I felt that there was no effort put into the presentation of the drinks. Mainly because the drink that we were served had droopy whip cream


I expected a super sweet and strong Red Velvet taste, but alas, NOPE! The drink was not sweet enough and disappointingly, there wasn’t even a hint of the characteristic Red Velvet texture or flavours. If I could describe a drink that tastes similar, it would be coloured or just strawberry flavoured milk! 
For $8.50 per cup (regular size) is it worth it? I think not.  For this price, I might as well buy a few cartons of strawberry milk. For this underwhelming experience we give Coffee Bean’s Red Velvet a


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