A guy’s take on LUNA Play Plus

As a guy, washing your face can be a tedious thing to do, especially when you are tired AF after a long day of work or school. Let’s be honest here, do guys even really do a thorough wash for their face?? Just using your hands does not *really* clean your skin. Is there a way to wash your face quickly and thoroughly without scrubbing like a madmen?!?! In this article, BRUTAL ASIANS have found a solution for you! Discovered at Watsons, Foreo’s Luna Play Plus ($79) is a face massaging brush that promises to channel transdermal vibrations via its soft silicone – uh, nubs? to provide gentle yet deep cleansing experience. At the price of almost $80 per set, is it worth your dollars? Let’s find out!


  1. Wet the Luna Play Plus and your face
  2. Apply your choice of cleanser on the bristles
  3. Turn on your Luna Play Plus and gently massage the face in a circular motion for about a minute
  4. Rinse and pat dry, follow up the rest of your  skin care routine.

Special features

If you look closely, there are 2 different types of bristles. 

  1. For the thinner bristles it is for cleansing normal/sensitive skin 
  2. The thicker bristle is for oily skin.

 In my opinion, this innovative product really has it all because it helps to cleanse different types of skin.  

How long can it last? The FOREO site tells us that your Luna Play Plus is covered for a period of two years under warranty provided you register for it. Those who are worried about rust, your worries are not unfounded! But you can efficiently avoid rust and prolong the lifespan of your LUNA by:

  1. Giving it a quick dry after use 
  2. Leaving it in a dry place (not your shower!)

The forum sites also tell us to replace LUNA screws ASAP if you see even a hint of rust. 

I know what you are thinking,  how about the batteries? Each LUNA Play Plus lasts 400 uses, and it is rechargeable with AAA batteries.  Depending on your frequency of use, you can go about four months without replacing the battery when you use your LUNA Play Plus about one or two times per week (based on our copywriter’s personal experience). 



  • One time purchase 

For a price of $80,  we consider it a good buy taking into consideration that most of the high end skincare products cost more than three figures for similar results

  • Travel-friendly

With a small size of about 6.5 cm (or 2.6 inches) at its widest point, and plus the fact that it is wireless makes it very convenient to bring it anywhere. 

  • Quick 

Each use takes only about a minute so it is not very time consuming. You can use it with any existing face wash to zhng your cleansing routine. 


  • Rust

Since it is an item that comes frequently in contact with water, it does  have a higher chance of rusting! To ensure the product last for a longer time, change the screw when you see signs of rusts!

  • Dry

I wouldn’t call it a con, but it ups the efficiency of my face wash to the point where I can’t wash my face longer than two minutes. As a kiasu Singaporean myself, I tried using it for about three, maybe four minutes and things got a little dry! Lesson learnt, FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!

Conclusions So for $80 is it really worth it? I can already guess what most of you will say: ‘Aiya why need to spend $80 on it when you can just use your hands’ Yeah, that’s not how it works. It really does help with deep cleansing, in that I’m no longer cleaning just the surface of the skin.  I have noticed that my skin over this 4 months has improved significantly in terms of the texture – example, the number of pimples and blackhead growths have dropped. So this product gets a Brutal Approve from me!

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