Molten Series X Ball Review

Ever seen players on court using fancy basketball shoes? and with even crazier expensive basketballs? It is really common to see people using the Molten Series X ball in Singapore. So, is it really that good? STOP wandering, you’re wasting brain cells and your questions will finally be answered! Today, Brutal Asians are finally here to review the Molten Series X outdoor/indoor ball. 


For many who start learning basketball at a young age, we tend to shoot from our waist due to lack of strength. However, as we get older, it becomes a hard habit to kick, causing you to get rejected frequently. Molten Series X helps you to correct that. Unlike the classic 6-panel ball, this has 12-panels, which corrects your hand’s position during shooting.

Ball Tracking 

‘What’s that? Do you put a microchip in the ball or something?’ Nope. Ball tracking is an essential skill that every basketball player need to master. It is a skill on tracking where the ball is after someone shoots to get the rebound. So, how does this ball help you improve on this skill? Well, the Molten Series X’s X design makes it SO MUCH EASIER to track where the ball is going to land. After playing awhile with it, your ball instincts will start to shoot up towards the sky! 

Ball feel 

What is most important when getting a ball? The feel of dribbling, shooting with it, right? Well, Molten X Series ball gives off a good grip and bounce due to the featured Premium Composite Leather cover. The ball also features a hexagon pebble grip that also provides the user with a more consistent contact with the ball. Cool huh? 

Air retention

Air retention is pretty good due to the featured Butyl Bladder. So there is no need to re-pump the ball every time before you use it. 


Here’s some advice. When you buy Molten Series X, do be prepared for it to have a poor grip when you play on dusty and wet courts. This ball CANNOT work well when wet or dusty, as you will lose most of the grip on it. It will be more suited for indoor courts. 


Overall, I think that Molten Series X is much better than many other balls out there. Would I buy it again? Yes. Although I wouldn’t recommend this ball for people who train on outdoor courts frequently, this ball is a great indoor training ball that can provide me the best game-like & competitive situation. 

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