Top 5 Basketball Shoes

Ever been to a basketball game, and see the players on court wearing fancy fancy shoes? Ever wonder why they invest so much in a pair of shoes? Well, it is to:

  1. Prevent any serious injury
    In any basketball game, it is common for a player to sprain or injure his/her lower limbs. Hence, the shoes are designed to provide ankle support and to lower the chance of said injuries.
  1. Boosts confidence
    Wearing a pair of good basketball shoes positively impacts a player’s mental performance on court – The idea that this pair of shoes can help them jump a little higher, or run a little faster, or perform just a little better, helps to boost one’s confidence. 
  1. Enhances performance on court
    There are some shoes in the market that are designed to help certain problems. For example, a shooting guard position main objective is to score crucial points for the team, so they need a comfortable pair of shoes that cushions their landing after jumping for the shot.

With all that being said, let us look at the top 5 Basketball Shoe that you should get! If you are more into football, you can check out our Top 5 Soccer ball review

1) Adidas Harden Vol 2

If you are looking for a comfortable pair of shoes that cushions every step of the game, this is the pair for you. The Adidas Harden Vol 2 is 

  • Top rated pair of basketball shoes with great cushioning.
  • Uses Forge Fibre Technology, thus is snugly-fitted, allowing you to move freely in the shoes. They are mainly for point guards positions.
  • It has good grip & friction on court floors well
  • However, accumulates a lot of dust due to the rubber, so it only works to its fullest potential in cleaner courts. 
  • On the other hand, it has great traction, increasing one’s ability to change direction very quickly and plenty of control.
  • With such good qualities, the pair of shoes is cost at a considerably low amount of $139
  • It even has 16 different colours to choose from! 

2) Nike Zoom KD 12

What if I train in outdoor courts often? Wouldn’t I have to regularly change shoes?

Well, if you have most of your practices in outdoor courts, this will be perfect for you. The Nike Zoom KD 12 

  • It has amazing friction and is able to grip court floors well. 
  • The material of the shoe is also able to withstand harsh conditions like the dirt and wear & tear, thus is wonderful for the busy people who does not have the time to clean the shoes often. (although it would last longer if one care for it properly). 
  • The Zoom Air Cushioning is great too! It is very flexible and receptive to how your feet moves, and is extremly comfortable to wear. 
  • Added on, the shoe feels lightweight, and has great lockdown. 
  • The shoe was released back in 2018 and costs around $150
  • However, there are limited designs of the shoe, so check out the designs before purchasing it. 


3)  Under Armour HOVR Havoc Low

Wow, both shoes are really pricey. Are there any more affordable options?

 Of course! Right here we have the the Under Armour HOVR Havoc Low. 

  • This is the first pair of basketball shoes using the HOVR Cushioning Technology. Many claimed that the shoe’s cushion is bouncy and responsive, and it is comfortable enough to wear it for an entire day. That’s just crazy! 
  • The materials used also provide basic support for each foot, and are very durable
  • These pair of shoes do not trap dust, which is good for playing in outdoor courts. 
  • The traction of the shoes are also pretty okay, it’s lacing works well to hold feet in place.
  • With so many benefits, this is one of the better shoes with such low prices ($105) out there! 


   4) Nike Kobe AD NXT  

Up next, we have the Nike Kobe AD NXT

  • This pair has amazing traction. It can trek on almost every surface, no matter the condition
  • Many users claim that the wire mesh is breathable and comfy at the top part of the shoe
  • The materials used are also pretty good. Many claim it to be ‘comfortable and super soft’
  • The cushioning is very firm and solid, a plus point for many. 
  • The Nike Kobe AD NXT also has an outstanding fit for people with narrow feet
  • The new lacing system really locks down feet, reviews for this vary, depending on the user’s preference. 
  • However, the shoe is really pricey. It costs around $200, which is on the higher price point
  • On the other hand, the design of the shoe is similar to a lifestyle shoe, so you can wear this out everyday and still look cool.

5) Under Armour Curry 6

Last but not least, we have the one and only, legendary Curry 6! 

  • This is one of the top rated pair of basketball shoes! It is the best Stephen Curry shoes ever created
  • It’s friction is so good, it is able to grip courts even if dusty!
  • The shoe uses Speed Plate technology to increase traction
  • It has a full length HOVR cushioning technology, making the shoes really comfy when playing. Some even say that they feel no impact on knees after landing
  • Insole is so soft. it feels like memory foam
  • The upper knit is durable and flexible, while the shoe maintained a good fit
  • Since this is a pair of Curry shoes, the ankle support is great as usual, protecting it from injuries during twists and turns
  • There are six different unique and intricate designs for the shoe, costing at about $239


Overall, These shoes are the top 5 best basketball shoes that i would recommend to you. Each shoe serves a different purpose, thus opinions on each of the shoes may differ. However, do note that no matter the type of shoe you get, it is the amount of time and effort you put into this sport that helps you become better in the game! It is not enough to just depend on shoes for to reach for the stars!

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