5 important accessories for guitars

After FINALLY choosing your beginner guitar, what do you look out for? Accessories for your brand new guitar, right?! But looking at the wide array of accessories and your small budget, you can’t seem to figure out which ones are the most essential. 

Fret no more, BRUTAL ASIANS is here today to tell you the TOP 5 most important accessories every guitarist should  have. Of course, you can’t call yourself a music aficionado without ALL THE GEAR,  there are many important accessories, but today we shall focus on what every beginner should start with. 

  1. Tuner

A tuner. What does it do? As the name suggests, a tuner helps to tune the strings of a guitar. (DUHH.) This is useful for ALL guitarists whose guitar strings warp (go out of tune) easily. Having a well-tuned guitar also helps to produce better sound, and will be much MUCH more enjoyable to play.

There are many different types of guitar tuners: handheld, clip-on, pedal, polyphonic, rack, sound hole, app, virtual tuners.

As a guitarist, I highly recommend clip-on tuners. This is popular among guitarists as it is super handy and convenient to bring around. Just clip it on your guitar and tune according to the tuner’s screen, and you are good to go! FAST RIGHT? 

The best clip-on tuner I’ve used, would be the SNARK SN-8, $14.75. It’s a pretty fast and accurate tuner, and is really easy to use. 

 Link to buy: https://www.amazon.com/Snark-Super-Tight-Instrument-Tuner/dp/B00646MZHK 

  1. Capo

How do you pronounce this word… kay-poh? Nope. ‘car-pou’ is how you pronounce. This is an instrument used when playing the guitar to help change the key of a song while still using standard chords. It is clamped down on a guitar’s fingerboard. Without the capo, one may have to learn confusing and hard fingering. 

So, I bet you’re wondering if there are different types of capo. As unexpected as it sounds, there are 5 basic capo designs out there. They are, strap capo, toggle capo, trigger capo, spring capo and the adjustable screw capos. Cool huh? 

The most commonly seen capo nowadays are trigger capos and spring capos. They are really easy to use – press the clamp and place over fret of guitar. 

My top recommended guitar capo, is:

GUITARX X3 Original Guitar Capo 2.0, $19.97. Unlike many other capos out there, this capo allows guitar to stay in tune even when capo is placed over it. It doesn’t cause fret buzz (buzzing sound when capo isn’t placed properly) as it has a steel spring with internal memory which puts JUST ENOUGH pressure. 

Link to buy: https://www.amazon.com/GUITARX-X3-Original-Acoustic-Electric/dp/B07D46HWLZ

  1. Guitar strap

Third, we have the guitar strap. It is typically made out of cotton that keeps your guitar in place  when you play standing up. It usually hangs around your neck. There isn’t much to say about this, just be sure to take note that the guitar strap you are buying is made of good-quality, long lasting material,and that the strap is adjustable. 

Levys Leathers PM32, $64.99

The Levy’s PM32 will be by far my favourite strap. Even though it is pricey, the leather used is durable, and versatile enough to fit the aesthetic of most guitars. It is also comfortable and less-stressing on the back, and can hold heavy guitars. 

Link to buy: https://www.amazon.com/Levys-Leathers-PM32-BLK-Garment-Leather/dp/B0002D0CRG

  1. Guitar bag 

This is pretty obvious. You NEED a guitar bag to ‘protect’ your guitar from rough handling. Of course, most shops usually provide a guitar bag when you purchase a guitar. However, the guitar bag you get may not be able to fully protect your guitar. I would heavily insist that you invest some money in getting a good guitar bag. 

  1. Guitar Pick 

‘Are you crazy. What’s that for. We have fingers for a reason!’ 

Well, a guitar pick is to strum the guitar, similar to our fingers, for those who don’t know. BUT unlike your fingers(which sometimes restrict certain strummings), a guitar pick helps a guitarist play different sounds, and strum faster. Again, there isn’t much to take note when getting a pick. Just remember that the heavier a pick, the heavier the sound produced. For beginners, it would be better to start with a thinner pick. 

On the other hand, there are many different materials of picks. This includes, plastic, rubber, felt, wood, so on and so forth. There isn’t really a Top Pick (pun intended), so you guys should go try out the different picks your store offers! 


These few accessories are what I think are most important, as they can help you when you want to play different kinds of music. However, these are not a must. The accessories stated are ONLY to help you enhance your playing and look cool.


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