Top 5 Soccer Balls for practices

What’s a ghost’s favourite soccer position? The ghoul keeper. 

Starting out as a new player? Don’t know where to begin? With the billions of soccer balls out there it is normal for a newbie to not know how pick one. No worries, today, BRUTAL ASIANS is here today to help you with selecting the perfect soccer ball of your choices! I will be reviewing 5 best soccer balls for training! 

Size and Structure

Soccer balls ranges in size and it is classified in categories from 1-5. Size 1 soccer ball is the smallest and size 5 is the biggest. Each size on the scale serves its own unique purposes.

Indoor, Outdoor, and Beach Soccer Balls

Speaking of the game experience, always keep in mind your usual training spot. Different locations of playing require different balls. 

The classic outdoor soccer ball is the heaviest, while indoor balls have a medium weight and beach balls are the lightest. 

I’ve said enough, lets dive right into the first ball! 

 1)Nike Aerow Team Soccer Ball

Looking for a practice ball/backup ball with good quality, but under a tight budget? This ball will be perfect for you! 

  • This ball is great for indoor courts, so it will be great for many who practice at home, or on artificial grass. This ball is however, not suited for outdoor practices, as it can be easily damages 
  • Afraid budget balls have poor air retention? No worries, this ball has pretty high quality Butyl Bladder than most balls. It will be able to retain air longer! 
  • This ball is machine stitched, thus stitches are consistent and strong, but at the same time exposed.

Cost: $14.99 – $17.99 (Depending on size) 

2)Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball     

  • Tough cover > Rough playing 
  • The ball has a synthetic cover, causing the ball to be soft at the touch. This helps a player to learn how to head, wrap lead a ball around defense line, curve a shot around a wall and teaches beginners how to pass accurately
  • The butyl bladder in ball helps with air retention 

Cost: $12.24 – $26.37 (depending on size) Link to buy the product

3)Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball   

  • This ball is a great ball for practice. It works on most surfaces except pavements and roads. This is because it has a synthetic leather cover, thus it is soft at the touch, while being resistant to most grounds. 
  • On the other hand, the ball also features butyl bladder, allowing the ball to be able to retain its shape and can even handle extreme temperatures. This is extremely useful in the hot weather of Singapore, as the ball wouldn’t spoil if you leave it at the back of a car, so no worries.
  • Lastly, the ball itself is pretty firm and compact, so no worries about the movement of the ball. This ball allows one to get a bend with proper kick, and would end up where you want it to be. 

Price: $12.63 (without delivery fee) 

4) Select Numero 10

  • Thick cover > Increase durability of ball 
  • Neoprene foam > helps absorb impact and feels really soft, so no worries for your head when you try a header 
  • This ball is a classic 32 panel ball. Research has shown that a 32 panel ball indeed provides true flight and has the roundest shape 
  • The kick of the ball is pretty consistent. It has a recessed valve, and has high quality latex bladder 
  • Since the ball is hand stitched, the seams are much deeper than machine stitched balls, and provides durability, and playability of the ball. 

Price: $34.25 (Without delivery) 

5)Adidas Champions League Finale Capitano Soccer Ball

  • It is proven to hold up against rebound and water absorption as well as meeting proper size and weight requirements.
  • Movements of the ball are pretty accurate and authentic when kicked 
  • This ball is machine stitched with an internal nylon-wound carcass so to improve durability of ball 
  • TPU cover also successfully replicates a professional match ball, except this ball requires less maintenance 
  • Lastly, this ball has a butyl bladder which allows the ball to remain in shape even after rough-playing 

Price: $11.95 – $40 (depending on size) 


Starting out as a new player may be hard, and many may have misconceptions that the ball is the source of skill. That is wrong. Although a ball may be important, one’s source of skill can only come from one thing. DRUMROLL please… as cliche as it might sound, PRACTICE. That’s right, only practice can help you improve yourself as a player. Practice practice and practice, maybe one day you may find yourself becoming like your idol!


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