Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Black Head Out Balm


Puberty=blackheads I can’t really disagree with it. During different stages of your life, I’m sure you are bound to have tiny blackheads growing at different parts of your face. Released in 2013, this product was selling at all innisfree stores worldwide claiming that it can remove blackhead within 3 to 5 minutes. Does it really work? Let’s find out today! 

What are some of the steps when using this product?

  1. Before washing, apply a suitable amount onto the tip of the finger
  2. Use fingertips to massage for 3~5 minutes and use cleansing foam or lukewarm water to rinse off afterwards.
  3. Afterwards wash with facial wash and the rest of the steps you should know right. Comment down in the section below if you want to know the proper steps after cleansing your face. 


  1. The simplest reason is because well…it doesn’t WORK! Okay before you start spamming the dislike button. HOLD YOUR HORSES let me explain. I’m sure I am not the only one when you rub your nose with this ‘creamish’, ‘waxish’ thingy it actually takes a much longer time. Am I right? What the product said which is 3-5 minutes. It’s totally BULLSHIT.  
  1. The texture of the product is what you expect from a typical lip balm which is a little thick and little bit too greasy. When applied to wherever your blackheads are, it is a little uncomfortable. 
  2. When I tried the product, after about 5-10 minutes of rubbing the nose, I realised that my nose became red and irritated because of the excessive rubbing. Furthermore, it’s so tiring to keep on rubbing for 5-10 minutes straight. Don’t you agree? 


I bought this product twice, once before the revamped in Korea and the revamped version here in Singapore. Is there a difference? No not really, in fact there is barely any change in the product that it’s so disappointing. How could Innisfree state the revamp of this product where there is no change. 

After using this product it did not remove any of my blackhead at all. Okay, maybe it’s just that my blackhead is super stubborn FINE!  

Then what about this? These are some of the negative comments

These are the positive comments from other people that used this product 


If you have stubborn blackheads and it’s hard to remove I think you should give this product a miss because it only works for blackheads that is already soft and can be easily removed. However, for some of you out there are not really sure how stubborn your blackhead is or what is counted as stubborn or not. Then I would recommend you to buy and try this product. Each package only cost around $10 SGD which is affordable for you to try. 


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