Avajar perfect v lifting premium mask


Strict diet, intense exercise and a whole lot of willpower. That’s how Kpop idols regardless male or female maintain their ‘perfect’ figure. One thing that makes female fans go crazy is the jawline. Many wish that they could have the jawline similar to their favourite Kpop idols but are just lazy. YOU CAN FINALLY STOP WISHING! Because Avajar have invented the perfect V lifting mask. Just within 3 months of the release of this product, Avajar sold 600,000 of such masks in Korea! This mask claims to show immediate results and the effects would last about 12 hours. I’m a bit skeptical of this product! ONCE AGAIN BRUTAL ASIAN GOT YOUR BACK! We would be reviewing the perfect V lifting mask from Avajar.


The mask contains ingredients such as Caffeine, Glucosamine, PPC (also known as Lipostabil and commonly referred to as a fat burning injection) contains the active ingredient Lecithin also known as PPC (Phosphatidylcholine) which dissolves the fat cell wall and causes fat reduction) 

PPT (Phosphatidylserine) which is the main ingredient of PPC injection which is performed by lipolytic injection in plastic surgery. 

Is natural enzyme extracted from soybean and is an active ingredient already widely proven. 

Confused? Didn’t study medicine in college? DON’T WORRY BASICALLY IT CONTAINS AN INGREDIENT THAT HELPS TO BURN FAT! That’s all you need to know.

What are some of the steps when using this product?

  1. Remove the protective film before use. (because all the ingredients that it contains are under the protective film)
  2. After stretching the mask, put your chin on the middle of the mask. There would be holes at the end of the products 1 on each side. Use the holes to hook it to your ears
  3.  Leave it for 1-2 hours.
  4. Remove the mask and lightly massage both cheeks.


  • When I first wore the mask I gotta admit it felt a little bit uncomfortable at first. I expected it to be dripping wet but it felt a little like jelly. The liquid does not flow out and stays perfectly in mask.
  • When I wore the mask it does not ‘stick’ to my chin especially the sides which for someone who is OCD it is a little annoying.
  • At the start it is a little uncomfortable but after a while it feels as if you are not even wearing it. 
  • The packaging stated that you have to wear it for around 1-2 hours. Its, UTTER CRAP. I tried for around 2 hours and there are hardly any changes. However, when I tried it again I wore the mask for around 3 hours plus and I noticed 2 things. Firstly, the jawline. I naturally have a jawline but after wearing this mask it is more well defined. Secondly, I noticed that my upper row of teeth is aching which also means that it is really stretching which is a good sign.
  •  The mask also claim that the effects would last 12 hours. ANSWER? NOT REALLY. It lasts around 4 to 5 hours and it will lose its effect. 


The cost of each package is around $14.90SGD which is very costly. For a product that only last 4-5 hours I feel that you should only buy it when you are going out and want to impress someone. It could be a date or meeting the in laws. THAT’S ALL there shouldn’t be any other reason for you to buy unless you are rich. Generally this product looks cool when you wear it and it is comfortable after wearing a while. 

My advice would be if you really want to have the full effect of this product, wear it before you sleep at night. 


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