2019 Flagship Phone: Value Comparison

Flagship Phones

With all the 2019 flagship phones specification out in its full glory for everyone to see and scrutinize. BrutalAsians.com also took a look at it and determine which is the best value for money if you are looking for one this holiday.

We will be looking at the Apple’s Iphone 11Pro, Samsung’s S10, Google’s Pixel 4XL, Oneplus 7T Pro & the Huawei Mate 30.

For comparison sake, we will only be looking at the tech specs & the prices for the products. User experience is subjective and we will leave it out of this review. 

Phone11 Pro MaxS10+Pixel 4XL7T ProMate 30 Pro 5G
Display Size6.5”6.8”6.3”6.67”6.53”
ChipsetA13 Snapdragon 855Snapdragon 855Snapdragon 855+HiSilicon Kirin 990
StorageUp to 512GBUp to 512GB with external storageUp to 128GB256GBUp to 256GB
Camera3x Main Camera( WIde, Telephoto & Ultrawide)
1x Selfie Camera (Wide)
3x Main Camera (Wide, Telephoto & Ultrawide)
1x Selfie Camera (Wide)
2x Main Camera (Wide, Telephoto)
1x Selfie Camera (Wide)
3x Main Camera (Wide, Telephoto & Ultrawide)
1x Selfie Camera (Wide)
4x Main Camera (Wide, Telephoto, Ultrawide, TOF)
2x Selfie Camera (Wide & TOF)
Battery3969mAH, 18W Fast Charge4100mAH,
15W Fast Charge
18W Fast Charge
30W Fast Charge
40W Fast Charge

Just by looking at the specs above, you can tell each company’s flagship phones are definitely using similar technology but each focuses on different aspects of the phone. The prices range also varies a lot for these high end phones. But before I continue, I want to emphasise that purely observing hardware specifications doesn’t tell the full story of the individual phone (as seen with Apple’s focus), but we definitely can understand what the manufacturers intend to do.

Note10+ is the most expensive phone among the flagships. Their biggest comparison/competition against this phone is the OnePlus 7T pro, which boast similar specification, for a price difference of $600, you are getting… a 15mAH increase in battery capacity and 256gb of storage? Well not really. the cameras does have a big difference too, Note 10+ is able to shoot HDR10+ & dual-video rec., Which 7T pro can’t. So, is this worth the additional $600? Not a chance.

Looking at the price difference of Pixel 4XL against 7T pro, which is $200 more from team google. You get a much weaker hardware than what google can offer. But in fairness to google, you are probably getting better google software & support since it’s android as well as the Radar Technology that is still in its infancy right?…. Right? Nah. $200 more for a much weaker hardware doesn’t sound like a good investment afterall.

Mate30 pro vs 7T Pro. China vs China. The winner is…. Mobile phone consumers. The 2 china phones are the cheapest in our comparison($100 price difference) but their hardware power is definitely equivalent. The main difference comes down to the quality of Camera that you require. $100 more for a better camera but slower refresh screen & smaller screen resolution. This is classic Art vs Logic. 

Apple’s iPhone11 Pro Max is an outlier in this comparison, they are on the expensive end, but hardware wise, it definitely does not favour Apple in the price-to-hardware ratio. But in apple’s defence, they are on the iOS and have an entirely different architecture and philosophy that make sense in their own unique way. So Just hardware comparison, apple is probably the poorest in value, what they make up with in their software… But since  are not comparing software today, so no way in hell is 11 Pro Max worth it at all. 

If you are looking for a best value phone this coming holiday, look no Further than 7T Pro, the price to hardware spec ratio definitely favour them heavily as compared to the other brands out there.

Wee Wei Song

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