The Outer Worlds Review: The game Fallout76 wish they were.

The Outer Worlds

First Person Shooter (FPS) Role Playing Game (RPG) seems to be all the rage right now. Borderlands 3 was released almost a month back, Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most anticipated titles of 2020 and just last weekend, The Outer Worlds was released.

The Outer World is a FPS RPG game developed by Obsidian studio, the same studio that is responsible for Fallout New Vegas and is now available on Xbox One & PC. Which goes to my first point, this is basically Fallout New Vegas, IN SPACE. Which is a good thing. Fallout New Vegas was probably the best in the fallout series and being the spiritual successor, it follows the trend of a good RPG game.

The Outer Worlds follows the story of you (the character), who is thrown into Halcyon Colony from Earth. You were frozen as you travel through space to said colony in a spaceship called “Hope”. You are then defrosted by a crazy looking scientist, who puts you into motion as an anomaly into the plans of the corporate people that are controlling this colony.

Pave your own journey

The game claims that you are able to craft your own story based on the decisions you make during your conversations with NPCs, which is accurate. Most of them impacts the story and NPCs that you interact with to a certain extent. Some decisions you make changes the entire story direction. The dialogs are witty and much more engaging than other RPGs out there. They are well thought out and every choice you make offers something different and unique, which gets you invested in it. It’s also clear that the developers who did the logic for the conversations put a lot of thoughts into it, which makes every conversation organic.

Role Playing Game 

Customisation is the name of the game. There are plenty of options to choose from for your appearance, from a handsome stud with a million dollar smile or an old pervy face with america’s next top model body.

Leveling and skills are a big part of the game progression, you have the flexibility of upgrading your skills according to your preferred playstyle, be it stealth, rambo, melee or a diplomatic talker. 

Weapons & Armours can be upgraded with workbenches scattered throughout the world. I did a normal playthrough and found that upgrading wasn’t necessary to complete the game as you acquire much better gear as you progress through the story.

As a first person shooter game, the enemies and fights are fast paced, so they implemented a Tactical-Time-Dialation system, where you go into a bullet time mode. This allows you to aim a critical spots on the enemies to get your all so precious critical shots.


The game is very beautiful on Ultra video settings. The colour palettes & environmental design of the world gives an unfamiliar feeling to remind you that you are not on earth, yet gets you appreciative and hooked on it with the art style. Characters facial are well done and each of them are distinguished from another.

II had a lot of fun playing this game. The decision making dialogues held its weight and have consequences (though not all the time). They were well written and gets you invested. Graphics were beautiful and plenty of side quests that offer you a good 40 hour of gameplay. The freedom you have in this game is unparalleled. This game is everything Fallout 76 wish it was.

I give this game a

Wee Wei Song

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