Breathe Right Nasal Strip

Snoring is a problem for most people in the world. Everytime you sleep you will annoy everyone around you, especially your significant other. In some cases, it can even result in a  divorce. So, is there any way to really stop your snoring? We at Brutal Asians, looked into this over-the-counter product, called Breathe Right Nasal Strip. 

Breathe Right Nasal Strip

They claim to open your nasal passage, which in turn, reduces snoring. Is this the holy grail every snorer needs? Or is this just another episode of X-Files. We’ll put it to the test. This product costs us $9 and it comes with 12 strips. 1 Strip to be used per night.

The Experiment

P.S. we did a video on the test, you can watch it if reading is too much for you. 

As a side note, I am definitely a snorer. I receive complaints from everyone around me. Might even have a few from my neighbour. So, I am the perfect guinea pig for this experiment. I will be recording my own sleep for the next 2 weeks. The first week will be a benchmark on how loud my snoring usually is. For the 2nd week, I will sleep with the nasal strip on to see if there are any difference at all. I will even use a noise meter app to measure the exact decibel difference of the snores. 

At the end of the test, you can see that there is a difference in the noise level of snoring. So what can we tell? That this product actually does reduce snoring and this product works. TRUTH


At $9 for 12 strip, you are looking at an average of $0.75 per strip per day, that amounts to $22.50 a month. For that amount, you reduce your chance of getting murdered by your significant other, which is probably a good investment. So I would give this product:

But the key thing to note, it reduces snoring, but doesn’t cure it. You are still bound to snore when the nasal strip on. It might be softer, but it’s still there. If you want to truly stop snoring, you are better off seeking professional medical help as there are a lot of causes for snoring. Some of these causes are quite severe and are life threatening.  You can purchase them from here from Watsons e-store!


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