Top 5 swimming cap

‘UGH WHY DO WE REALLY HAVE TO WEAR SWIMMING CAPS? IT’S SO UNCOMFORTABLE!’ Ever have that feeling?! ONCE AGAIN BRUTAL ASIANS GOT YOU BACK. We will be reviewing our top 5 favourite swimming caps. 

SO WHY DO PEOPLE EVEN WEAR SWIMMING CAPS? IS IT EVEN A MUST? Swimming caps are important but not compulsory these are the few reasons why it is important! 

  • It prevents the hair from blocking your vision when swimming
  • It helps to prevent drag in the water
  • It helps to protect your hair. This is because long exposure to chlorine will result the hair to be dry and have a rough texture
  • It is easily recognisable in the event if you are swimming in open water it is easier for a passer-by to spot you in case of an emergency!

Before I dive into the top 5 swimming cap. The swimming caps are categorised based on the different materials they are made from


Pros  Cons 
They have the longest life span Due to the material it can be smooth and as a result it can slip off you head
It has smooth edges that prevent your hair from breaking 
Easier to wear it
  • Latex
Pros  Cons 
Material is thinner thus more breathable Does not last as long as silicone, usually last for a few months

Harder to wear and take off

Shouldn’t be worn for athletes with latex allergies 
  • Lycra
Pros  Cons 
Comfortable  When exposed to chlorine it will loosen and thus it will slip off easier 

Slows the swimmer down when racing or training
  • Neoprene
Pros  Cons 
 Good for keeping the head warm when swimming in open water The material is thick and heavy

The smell is a bit weird as compared to the usual swimming cap

Boring? Don’t understand? Don’t really care what material is used? Okay! Fine! As I mentioned earlier different types of swimming cap serve different purposes. If you are looking for a swimming cap to swim in the deep blue sea or planning to swim for fun. Please click away because I am revealing my top 5 swimming caps for RACING!

5)  Speedo Silicone Aqua V Swim Cap

Made of Silicone this is a popular swimming caps among swimmers. However, the problems with this cap is that it gets warm REAL QUICK! 

That’s my only problem with this cap. When swimming on a cold day using this cap is the WAY TO GO! Not only that it sits perfectly on your head which makes it comfortable. It also reduces wrinkles which helps to lessen the drag in the pool when racing. Costing only $18 this swimming cap is really a steal! 

HATE BLACK? PREFER ANOTHER COLOUR?! This cap offers 5 different colours ranging from yellow to red

This is the website to purchase this item

4) MP Michael Phelps X-O Competition Cap

Familiar? Yes, this cap is used by Michael Phelps during the 2016 Rio Olympics games. 

This cap is amazing because when the cap is stretched over your head, there won’t be any wrinkles. 

The cap also has a comfortable fit on the head which will lessen the drag when racing!

This cap is made of 100% silicon and FINA approved but you know what’s the best part? It is the exact same cap that MICHEAL PHELPS WORN! Those who aspire to be like him, this is the first step! Costing only $17USD this cap is really a steal! 

This is the website to purchase this item

3) Speedo Fastskin3 Competition Cap

Ranging from green to pink the Speedo Fastskin 3 competition cap is used by many renowned swimmers from all over the world. It has a feature where it actually guides the swimmer to align the goggles on to the head. 

It costs at a crazy price of $90. If you are feeling rich and like to pamper yourself with good quality, expensive and amazing design, then this is the cap for you.

This is the website to purchase this item

2) Arena Domed 3D Ultra Competition Swim Cap’

There really isn’t much difference between this cap and the other caps that was previously mentioned! Made of 100% silicon, it also has a special feature in the interior of the cap. WHAT’S THE SPECIAL FEATURE? The interior is smooth as f*** so when removing the cap, it does not rip out your hair!

For just <$10 this cap is really worth it! 

This is the website to purchase this item

1)Speedo Plain Moulded Silicone Cap

For just less than $10 the material is stretchy enough to get on and off easily without taking some of your hair off. It is able to last very long and after using it for a long time not only does not lose its original shape but the colour remains intact for a long time.

This is the website to purchase this item


Yes, I admit that caps are not a must when swimming, but it does protect your hair because of the chlorine. So why do people choose the more expensive ones as compared to the cheaper alternatives? Well… it’s either: They are just more materialistic, or they just love the branding because their idol is wearing it. 

However, the more expensive caps will be better in quality, being able to last longer, and the comfort level. BUT THAT’S ALL! The rest of the additional cost that you are paying for is the marketing fees and the brand itself!


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