Things to look for in a Hair Product.

There are so many types of Men’s hair product out in the market, Gel, Wax, Clay, Pomade, Spray, Mousse etc. and it’s especially scary for the uninitiated to find one that is suitable for him. Don’t worry. Here at, we got you covered on everything you need to know to look out for in a Hair Product.


The very first thing you need to know before looking into what product to get is to know what is your end goal. What is the hairstyle that you want to achieve, is it a Side-part, a back comb, or even the early 2000s spiky hair. Identifying what you really want goes a long way into the choice of hair products.

Once you identified the hairstyle that you desire, next is to study how does that hair style look. Take note how much shine the hair gives off, as well as how firm the hair looks (e.g. does it look firmly held in place, or more of a natural wave).


Once you know your end goal, next is to understand your own hair. Everyone has different kind & types of hair. There are soft straight hairs, the thick manes and there’s even those with curly hair too. Also, do take note of the quality of the hair (Dry hair, oily hair etc.). A thicker & curly hair requires a stronger hold as well as additional tools (hair dryer, for example) to get your desired hair style. 

Gel? Wax? What do I get?

There are plenty of hair products out in the market, but in order to find the right one, you need to have a basic understanding of what does each of them do. There are also additional factors to consider, like the product holding strength, the amount of shine it gives your hair. The base ingredient of the product. Some might even consider the smell of the product.

Hair Gel
– Usually water based product.
– Some hair gel contains Alcohol. Avoid such gel if possible as it dries your hair out very quickly
– High Shine
– Strong Hold

– Usually oil based product.
– Difficult to Wash off
– Low Shine
– Medium to Strong Hold

– Usually water based product
– Medium to High Shine
– Medium to Strong Hold

– Usually oil based product
– Difficult to wash off.
– Low to Medium Shine
– Strong Hold

These are the 4 common types of hair products out in the market that is meant for the average consumers. There are definitely more types of hair products out there, which are normally used by professionals to get a specific looking hair for specific purposes.

Which to choose?

With all that being said, how to choose the right hair product for your hair:

Thick Hair
Thick hair are hard to maintain and it gives additional volumes to your hair. It is also able to stand with little assistance. Get a really strong hold product if you want to keep your hair down flat. Use Tools like hair dryer to dry your hair in place and Hair Spray to keep your hair in place. Water-based product like Gel and Pomade helps keep your hair flat too.

Curly hair

Curls are a pain to keep it in place and look neat. You will need tools like Hair Straighteners to reduce the wave and a non-water based product to keep it neat in place. A very strong hold is necessary to maintain the hairstyle too, recommend to go Wax or Clay in this situation. Use hairspray as well to keep it in place

Straight Hair
These people are the luckiest. Straight hair are much more malleable and the range of products available is sole dependent on what style you want to go. Blow dry your hair into style to make the application process much easier. Go for the product that you can get the shine you need, (be it matt or shiny finish)


With everything that i’ve mention so far, I do hope that this help you with your decision making in terms of choosing the right hair product.


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