Uppercut Deluxe Pomade


An Australia based brand that specialised in haircare to grooming. They have product ranging from shampoos all the way to comb. Truth to be told, their branding looks pretty dope too.

Personally, I have been using this product on and off for over a year. It’s not the greatest hair product ever, but it’s the one that I’m most comfortable with. First and foremost, Uppercut Deluxe Pomade is a pomade, which means it has a medium-to-high hold, as well as a decent shine (not as shiny & wet as gel). The look you get from using a pomade differs from your typical hair gel. It doesn’t give the wet look, yet it gives off a shine to show that your hair has been processed.  Uppercut rated this product a 7/10 for Hold and a 8/10 for Shine. Let’s take a look if these claims are relly true.

Hold: 7/10

For a 7/10 rated hold, I was expecting it to do much better. Sure, it holds my hair down when i’m styling it, but in the hot humid weather of Singapore, lasting 4 hours with a water-based product is just wishful thinking. And it doesn’t help with the curliness of my hair. You can keep the hold longer by adding some hair spray (which is what I do) to keep the hold’s longevity.


8/10. This is a really high number if I were to be honest. It’s not something that most people fancy, but it works for people who are looking to have the 50s hairstyles or to make their hair look less dry. It doesn’t look as wet as a typical gel (Which is definitely a positive. Have you seen those early 2000s boy band hair?) and falls short of natural looking shine. I loved the Grease-que era (John Travolta fan anyone?), so this product gives the perfect shine if you are into that kind of hair look.

Other Positives

The biggest non-functional positive I have is the smell. As a barber-loving old-school Asian dude, the pomade has a pleasant, almost barber-shop smell that makes your hair smell great even if you sweat a lot (Reminds me of coconut kueh).

Other Negatives

Remember me talking about Heat, Humid & Sweat? Yeah. This is not great for a humid and warm place like Singapore. I’ll also be (brutally) honest, this product loses it’s hold very quickly through the day, which you will need additional help from other product just to get you through the day or using way more than the recommended small amount. Which, for a $30 product, is not exact the best value for money.

Last notes

Despite the negatives, which is definitely off putting for an Asian (we treasure good value). The product gives me a sweet spot between the shine & it’s hold during the styling process which gives me the style that I want that I have plenty of failure with the other products.

So, overall as a product by itself, it is able to get the job done, but it’s not great and ideal in Singapore humidity context. When you add in the price factor, Uppercut Deluxe Pomade start to lose it value, as you are getting the short end of a stick with a $30 product. There are plenty of better options out there that you will probably like it better.


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