Bluebeard’s Revenge Hair Gel Review

According to Bluebeards Revenge’s website, the first sentence in the “About Us” section reads:

Introducing The Bluebeards Revenge – Barber-Grade Performance for All

Most of the barbershops in Singapore supply cheap cuts, decent shaves and a similar look for the common folk. So the phrase “Barber-grade performance” doesn’t inspire much confidence to the local minds to be honest. But let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.

Bluebeards Revenge is a UK brand that specialises in men’s grooming products, ranging from hair care like shampoo and conditioner to hair styling product and varieties for beard grooming. Today, we will be focusing on their Hair Gel variant. (Do let us know if you want to know more about their other products!)

Hair Gel in 2019

The first thing you think about with hair gel is “Wet, Hard & 90s.” Yes, hair gel is a relic of the past. During the 90s to early 2000s, celebrities and fashionistas everywhere were donning the wet hair aesthetic, giving (mostly) similar styles that lasted for a shorter period of time than my grandmother’s Alzheimer’s.

The wet and hard hair style is also commonly seen in the fashion runway. It looks great because these are fashion shows, where being extravagant, flashy and loud is the name of the game. Not many people can pull them off, so it would be a challenge for anyone to make hair gel work these days.

The revenge of Bluebeards

Why are hair gel still a thing then? Because brand like Bluebeards came along, took something bad and turned it into a product for modern-day use. First and foremost: The smell on this Gel is surprisingly pleasant. It has the fresh aquatic aroma that brings you back to the ocean. So, if your partner is into dolphins, this is great (I’m looking at you, The Deep).

Looks almost like a pomade

I went in to the experiment with the preconceived notion of its stereotype. I applied it on a blow-dried hair and the result was not what I had expected. It gives a slight shine and a weak hold. It almost feels like an aquatic smelling pomade that doesn’t hold as well.

Wet hair look

But hey, maybe it was applied on wet hair, I can get the look that traditional gels give! So I did just that. It does perform like what you would expect from gels, but the hold isn’t really “hard”. The hair still curls and falls off it you tried to do a pomade/hair stand. This is honestly quest disappointing for a gel.

Didn’t exactly stay in place

Next, I had the gel on for the entire day where I went ahead and with my daily routine. I live in Singapore where the weather is warm and humid every hour of the day. The gel did not hold my hair longer than 4 hours before strands started popping up and out of place. Unlike a pomade, the hair won’t be able to be combed back into place even if moisture is introduced. With this gel, you will need to reapply the product itself. 


Bluebeard Revenge is able to provide 2 outcomes depending on how you approach the styling process (Dried hair with a slight textured shine OR wet hair, more traditional gel shine). It gives value where you can get different styles from 1 product.

The smell is great. It makes you feel clean and fresh. Like a guy who has his life in order.

The hold on the product is amazingly bad. It doesn’t keep your hair in place during styling (unless you apply a lot of it) and the duration of the work day.

ConclusionHair gel is something that makes you look good and neat for the day you apply it. But if it doesn’t, then what’s the f***ing point. The only reason why you should use it is if you want to look good in front of the mirror when styling, and then look like a complete idiot once you leave the house.

With that being said, I will recommend that you actively avoid this. Don’t be a hipster and get bad value out of your life.


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