Uniqlo Non-Iron Shirt Review

Uniqlo’s Non-iron shirt

Uniqlo Super Non-Iron shirt is a technology that doesn’t require you to iron your shirt after washing it. They claim that it is “non-iron” because their clothes “rarely wrinkles” or is “Wrinkle-Free”. This sounds like the shirt for the lazy, where you can skip the time-consuming ironing out of your laundry routine. But is it really non-iron? We are going to take a deep dive into it.

How the shirt works. After every wash, just let it dry and the wrinkles will be gone afterwards. There is a fine print though: Depending on the type of wash, some light ironing may be needed. So, we are going to wash the shirt the most basic way possible, by soaking it in water, then leaving it to dry. The reason no detergent or any additional chemical was added is because we do not want to invoke their fine print at all. If the shirt performs perfectly fine with just water, i will say that their claims are justifiable and we can do additional tests after.

We soaked the shirt for a good 2 mins in a pail of water, and took it out and hang dry in the hot afternoon sun, which took around 3 hours. Generally, the shirt doesn’t look perfect(as in, it looks neat, but you can tell it’s not ironed), and there are some noticeable wrinkles around the buttoned placket & the chest pocket. But as a benefit of the doubt, maybe it will look better when I put it on. 

Yes, it does look better and as you can see, it’s not something people walking by will notice. But, still the Buttoned placet and Chest pocket has pretty obvious wrinkles.


A non-iron shirt sounds like the perfect clothes to bring when you travel: Smart attire that you can bring along yet without the hassle of touching up and preparing it. So we did a test where the shirt was folded and kept in a luggage. We left it in the luggage for half a day before taking out to see the results.

Folded lines and wrinkles are everywhere on the shirt, which we thought is to be expected. But the thought that in order for an average consumer to have a nice looking shirt would be they having to soak the shirt in water, followed by hanging it dry before they are able to put it on to look somewhat decent. 

It would be much better, in almost all kind of occasion, to actually go and iron your own shirt, so you can always look good with it.

ConclusionFor the non-iron aspect of the shirt, it does make your shirt wrinkle free, for the most part but ultimately, it’s not 100% wrinkle-free like how they claim, even with just water and no detergent used. You will still need to use an Iron to do some final touch up, which kind of defeats the purpose of a non-iron shirt. For $39.90, it’s not the worst price for a business shirt, but to purchase a shirt for this amount to get the non-iron benefits but after getting it, you find out that you still need to actually do final touch-up, that’s a scam.


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